Women Training

Jali Sisters Women Training

Financial Literacy & Business Skills

We train women in financial literacy and business skills for three months before they join a vocational training centre or skills training centre to train in a hand skill of their choice. Some of the hand skills they train in are: Catering, Hairdressing, Artwork, and Tailoring. After graduation, the women are given a start-up fund to start small businesses of their choice so that they can be able to feed and educate their children.

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Beneficiary Background Stories

Most of these women in our fellowships are from needy families while some were victims of domestic violence, rape and some were prostitutes before not by choice but because they cannot secure any formal employment since they have never been to school, some dropped out of school in lower primary due to lack of school fees while some were married off at an early age to decongest the house because of the large population or as a source of income to the family so that their parents could get dowry and money while some are widows who refused to be inherited traditionally after their husbands died (wife inheritance).

This year 2023, we target to train 60 women aged between 18 years-45 years join vocational colleges and help 40 women start small businesses or Income Generating Activities and thereafter form a strong fellowship.